Swimming Psychology

There are a huge number of ways that sport psychology can be applied, but here are a few examples:

• Boosting motivation and self-confidence
• Setting and reaching goals
• Managing anxiety and nerves (including competition nerves)
• Performing under pressure
• Dealing with feelings of burnout
• Coping with sport injury or fear of re-injury
• Improving focus, attention, and concentration
• Team cohesion
• Communication and listening in a team
• Exercise adherence

What is Sport and Exercise Psychology?

Sport and Exercise Psychologists can help enhance psychological performance and wellbeing, at an elite or professional level, and also for everyday exercisers, recreational level athletes, teams, and coaches. We help you stay engaged with and enjoy your sport and reach your optimum potential.

Sport and exercise itself can benefit mental health. Chemicals known as endorphins, are released into the body when you exercise which help relieve symptoms of pain, and contribute to improved mood, better self-esteem, and lower stress levels. Exercise can also help you sleep better and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as having many physical benefits.

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Reach your goals

My aim is to help others reach their goals, by recognising and working through any challenges that are limiting them from achieving their potential.

Code of Conduct

I work within the ethical guidelines of the BASES Code of Conduct and our work together will be kept confidential unless otherwise requested.


"Sessions were online videos calls and focused on providing me with the tools necessary to overcome my performance anxiety. I was provided with a set of tools, including CBT charts for cognitive reframing, journaling in order to document thoughts, guidance to recognise cognitive distortions and a relaxation technique (PMR). With these tools I was able to increase my level of performance alongside making my attitude towards my performance more neutral." - Sarah (Student)

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